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Tim Hoffman – freight industry and supply chain analyst.

  • Freight industry and supply chain analyst
  • National coverage
  • Specialist in rail freight and primary industry

Tim Hoffman Advisory offers analytical and strategic advisory services to the Australian freight industry and its partners.

Tim has spent 25 years in the freight and logistics sector. After long stints in state government transport policy roles and rail freight management, Tim has been in the consultant space for the last 13 years. In that time, he was a director with successful niche logistics analysis firm Strategic design and Development (Sd+D), now Hyder Consulting.

Tim works as a subcontractor to major consulting firms on significant projects, but will take on smaller, focused challenges on a sole trader basis or in teams with other independent analysts. Tim is based in Perth, but works on a national basis.

Tim has worked with government bodies and private sector interests in all states, specializing in:

- Rail freight operational and commercial strategy

- Rail infrastructure planning and policy

- Grain industry logistics

- Intermodal freight service development

- Regional primary industry export chains

- Minerals supply chain analysis

- Infrastructure asset transactions

- Competition policy and access issues

Australia faces many complex supply chain challenges to keep its export products competitive and to maintain capacity. Tim’s business philosophy is that clients get the best service when the consultant loves his field – it’s easier to go the extra mile when the scenery is interesting!